Asasello Quartett

Sputnik DSH_ /The Lunatic Fringe / Off the Beaten Track / Around the Bend 2022 - 2024

Dossier Sputnik (PDF) Video trailer ASASELLO_DSCH_V3.3

Sputnik DSH_ at the Museum for Applied Art, MAKK, Cologne

Sputnik: Rus.= companion
Accompanying someone automatically sets you in motion, as you move, groove and resonate with your comrade. The concert series Sputnik DSCH creates time and space to explore one of the most controversial composers of the last century. On our journey – as companions ourselves – we encounter many other companions of Shostakovich as well as Shostakovich as a companion of others, and together we listen to them, in immediate, dynamic motion.

Sancta Clara Keller, Cologne _ The Lunatic Fringe / Off the Beaten Track / Around the Bend

Even detours can be exciting. The companion – whether purposely or inadvertently – has veered off course and must pause to consider: where – and who – are we? Where do we want to go? The good ship Asasello goes into dry dock. Together the crew disassembles/reassembles the rigging, studies the maps, reflects, plots a new course and renews the focus – sights set on Dmitri Shostakovich.