Asasello Quartett

18.05.2021 - 23.05.2021 Düsseldorf - Tanzhaus NRW

Archipel - Ein Spektakel der Vermischungen (Rehearsal Session)

Architecture, dance and music enter an entirely new alliance as a sculpture created by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is on the one hand a landscape on the other it is able to produce sound as a result of the cast dancing on it. The choreography by Stephanie Thiersch and the music by Brigitta Muntendorf generate a universe in which genres mingle and become blurred: Sound is produced by movement, by touch and space, by moods and silence. We find ourselves on an archipelago of possibilities, searching for new forms of composition and communication: looking for understanding that goes beyond language and signs, further than expressions and gestures. It will be a journey towards a “togetherness”, embarking on a quest towards ancient and organic processes of understanding that challenge our powers of perception.

We are all connected by links and playing, we are all searching for a different way of dealing with ourselves and with the world. The audience are also passengers on this journey.

With MOUVOIR, Ensemble Garage, The Norwegian Soloists' Choir, Brigitta Muntendorf, Stephanie Thiersch